Etudes Supérieures et Confiance en soi

7 réflexions sur “Etudes Supérieures et Confiance en soi”

  1. I could see myself in this cycle. The feeling of being alone, of loosing, of not being good enough, questioning the hows and whys. Thanks for this inspiring and beautiful piece. It depicts so much of what realities are as a student abroad.


    1. Yes, I feel like we all talk about these realities more often, and communicate with students around us, and our young brothers and sisters wanting to study abroad. You’re welcome, thank youuu for reading it and speaking about your experience too,


  2. Thaaaanks for this. It is soo good always ro remind ourselves we are not qlone in this!!! I feel like uni DESTROYED my confidence. Went from top student to 5-year consecutively almost ndare. Always doubting. Always struggling with the materials. It was a STRUGGLE. One lesson Im grateful for is it thought me ‘Im not entitled to anything. Im not entitled to good grades and easy comprehension anyway.’ Everything I have God gave me and it was a great way to realise it and be grateful and humble again. Before everyone one told me I was intelligent and somehow I had ended up believing them. So it was a GREAT lesson of humility and knowing that whatever ease is given by God. I still struggle a lot with confidence. I struggle to fully occupy my place @ work. But Im working on it big times. And Ive improved so much I know its all possible inshaAllah. So thaanks for this. Its precious to let everyone know. Were on this journey together. We can do this. It will require time and working on yoyrself too. Its a process. And yes. We can all get there inshaAllah 🙏

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    1. Yeees, thank you for telling us your story ! I can feel how hard it was. We WILL get there inchaaAllah. It’s a process, we have to keep that in mind. I know we are all slowly blossoming, because we realized we had to go through all of these experiences. If you’re on instagram dont hesitate to send me a message, I would love to discuss more about confidence and how to get it back


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